Andrea Degiacomo


About the Artist


In 2015 she founded “Datasapiens” a Big Data consulting company together with a partner after she discovered the power of technology combined with communication. Later on she also applied technology to art as a way of enhancing and potentiating it and started “Digipop Art”.

Her first glimpse of inspiration with digital pop art enabled her to start a series of feminine portraits of iconic women she felt she shared some values with.  With this in mind she created a new experimental technique which purpose was to bring old pictures back to life. By means of digital Photoshop tools and artistic interventions with several materials such as: paint, glitter, sequins, stones, etc. she accomplished disruptive 3D portraits that combine old glamour and history with new concepts of freedom, and expression that aim to propose different meanings and/or visions.

In 2018 Digipop Art participated in some important art events in Buenos Aires such as BADA, Feria EC in Palermo, Galeria Arenales, AQUA Miami 2018 and “Inusual Circuito no convencional” exhibitions in several Hotels.