Andrea Navarro Natera


About the Artist


Mexican Artist Living in Wellington, New Zealand.

MFA at London Metropolitan University and a BA in Product Design in México/Spain. Her Artwork has been exhibited at venues such as the Biennale in Rome Italy, City Museum in Jalisco México and Galleries in London, New York, Tokyo and Wellington, New Zealand. She has been a finalist in the Award Musa at Reina Sofia National Museum of Art in Madrid.

Her recent work comprises of a combination of illustration, collage, paint, and mixed media inspired in fashion and its relation with identity and human experiences.

For her artwork Andrea collects recycled materials, objects, international newspapers and even pieces from cracked walls caused by the recent earthquake.

Andrea brings this mix of art and design sensibilities to her practice along with a playful flare as we see in this multimedia work on paper. She collects found papers when traveling and pieces of cracked walls caused by recent earthquakes.

Series of hand-drawings exploring symbolism, mass production and accumulation in our contemporary world. Through repetition, I create structures out of objects. I believe it is a way of changing the meaning of things into a new composition. Repetition brings life to my work.