Diana Gattegno


About the Artist


Born in 1963, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She lives and works in Uruguay, France and Argentina.

Since 2004, she exhibited and published her paintings. Captivated by reflects and shadows, in 2012 she began to investigate the effect of light in transparent materials. She now creates art objects, working with led lights, acrylic, polycarbonate and silicones.

In 2017 she showed her last works in Expoartistas Art Fair (Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and won the 2nd. Prize.

ArgenLuminous sculpture/ Acrylic and silicone Acrylic and led light

Objects and acrylics are synonyms of toughness. However, works modify the innate nature of the object. Nothing is what it seems, nothing is used as it should be. A kind of rebellion appropriates the matter and transforms it. His transparency seduces, his light fascinates, his vision hypnotizes. Cubes is a series of silicone, acrylic and light objects that pretends to call up nature and beauty.