Gisela Banzer


About the Artist


1964 Born, La Plata City, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1986 Graduated, Visual Communication Design, University of Fine Arts of La Plata

After working for more than 25 years in design, in 2012, she began to dedicate himself fully to the art.

In 2014, she get focus in the animal abuse and extinction theme.

They are presented as anthropomorphic figures located in conflict places: circuses, zoos, their modified habitat, forests burned, or like an antique portraits. In her works the animals are there, almost extinct but intact. Trying to dialogue from the near past. By humanizing them, she poses a game man-animal mirrors, as in Greek mythology, with the allegorical force of his symbols and feelings.

Her style is close to magical realism, as it shows the unreal or strange as something common and daily.

The hyperrealistic technique is inherent to her work, which implies an exhaustive investigation, technical rigor and many hours of work.

The materials used are acrylic (applied with brush, roller or airbrush), professional colored pencil and matt varnish, on canvas, board or paper.

“Each of my works begins with a real story, takes place on an imaginary plane and ends with the attempt to save us from our own nature.”

Gisela Banzer