María Etcheverry


About the Artist


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay. She lived part of his childhood in the countryside, in a farm.  Started painting at an early age.  She has participated en exhibitions in, Dubai, Miami, New York, Buenos Aires, Punta Del Este and Montevideo, as well as many solo exhibitions in her country. Participating in Argenitna Bienal 2016, Art Basel Miami, as well as as been selected for the Florence Bienal.


In this hectic, fast and demanding world, full of uncertainties, where there is little time for reflection, the artist generates a “new look.”

He wants for a moment, to invite them to stand before the world in a different way, accepting that there is much more than what one perceives at a glance; there is another invisible world, for many.

The viewer is confronted with an image that questions itself about its intimate reality. Everything happens without dazzling reflections, without technical difficulties, without traffic jams. The priority is the expressive form, that is why no material or method is discarded

Give a spiritual depth to each element and conceive the universe as a subtle essence through which the artist expresses matter and emotion in a unique dialogue. It gives value to what some would discard, rediscovering, perhaps that “primitive” art, without pretensions. The natural materials invite us to enrich the spirit, creating a melancholic atmosphere. To find beauty in the hidden, in the non-obvious, in the invisible to vulgar looks, it is necessary to lower the speed, we must be patient and look carefully. Everything is transitory, everything is incomplete and everything is imperfect …

María Etcheverry