Verónica Murphy


About the Artist



Inspired by nature, Argentinian artist Veronica Murphy’s works are boldly energetic, immersing viewers in a world of stark, contrasting colors.

“The energy issued by the painting should ‘capture’ the observer; make him stop, rest and feel the beauty of simplicity in such a complex world,” says Murphy.

She employs a mélange of elements from Impressionism, Postimpressionism and Fauvism in her use of pure colors. In her acrylics, she favors rich pastels over shapes, creating imagery that revels in nature’s unabashed bounty .

Working on medium and large canvases, Murphy fully exploits color as a structural element. Through quick, broad, energetic brushstrokes, she exclaims in visual prose what one often misses in a world filled with beauty.

In some works, the artist superimposes several layers, using acrylics or oils, occasionally even mixing in newspapers or magazine collages. It is through this “construction” process that Murphy achieves harmony and balance. In so doing, she expresses with passion her love of tranquility in a world of tumult and change.


2018 “PINTA Miami Art Fair” , Miami , USA

Artifact Gallery “– Solo Exhibition . New York City, USA.

“Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de Argentina “. Centro Cultural Borges., Bs As, Argentina

2017 “PINTA Miami Art Fair” Stand Consulado Argentino, Miami , USA

“ Florence Biennale da Arte Contemporanea” Florence, Italy.

2016 “ Spectrum Art Fair” , Miami, USA

“ Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo Argentina” Centro Cultural Borges, Bs As, Argentina

“BCM Art Gallery”, Barcelona , Spain

“Emerging artists” Miami Dade College, Miami, USA

2015 “ Spectrum Art Fair” , during Miami Art Week, Miami, USA

“Emerging artists 2015” at Miami Dade College Galleries of Art and Design, Miami, USA

2014 “Recostructing Reality” at Agora Gallery, Chelsea New York , USA

“40 años de Formas en Forma” at Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013 “De verde para verde” Solo Exhibition at Anexo Cultural AAPLAJ , Joinville, Santa Catarina,


“Gosto” at Anexo Cultural AAPLAJ , Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

“Pesca da Tainha” at Centroeventos Cau Hausen, Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

“Objeto quase cadeira” at UNIVILLE- Universidade de Artes de Joinville – Brazil

“Dia da Mulher” at Prefeitura Municipal Joinville, Brazil

“Circulando”at MUBI Museo Bicicleta Joinville, Brazil.

2012 “Arte Clásica 2012” Buenos Aires ,Argentina.

Casa da Cultura, Joinville Santa Catarina Brazil

2010 Galería Forma (Critica: Silvia Pellegrini), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Circuito Gallery Nights at Galería Forma , Buenos Aires, Argentina

CUBA Club Universitario Bs As

2009 “Salón de verano” at Galería Forma , Buenos Aires, Argentina – (Critica Alfredo Cernadas)

2008 at Dirección Asuntos Históricos Ejercito , Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2017 – Finalist for exhibition Consulado Argentino “Ni Civilizacion , ni barbarie” for PINTA Miami ArtFair stand.

2016- “ Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo de Argentina” Mención del Jurado

2016 – “ BCM Art Gallery” Barcelona, Mención del Jurado

2009 – “Salon de verano” Galeria Forma , Mención del Jurado